Smoke Damage Restoration in Northern Ohio

Smoke Damage Restoration professionals in Sandusky, OhioWhen a building suffers fire damage, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the fire and the type of smoke it created to determine the best method of cleaning and restoration. Each fire is different, and whether the fire is fast and hot or slow and smoldering, and what materials were burned in the fire, will impact the methods used for cleaning and restoration of smoke and fire damage.

At RestorePro, when you call us to restore a fire and smoke damaged building in Sandusky, OH, or Erie County, OH, we first test the smoke to identify the type of smoke we are dealing with and what type of restoration methods will be the most effective. Restoring a structure that has fire damage—scorching, smoke odor and soot residue—is a complex situation. Since some damage can keep spreading, the quicker it is tackled, the less time and cost to restore it.

Types of Smoke Damage

Depending on the type of fire and what materials were burned, the smoke damage will present different characteristics requiring different cleaning and restoration approaches. Wet smoke is created by low heat and a smoldering fire, has a strong odor, and is sticky and smeary; dry smoke is created by a fast, hot fire; protein smoke is hard to see but is very odorous, and stains paint and varnishes; and fuel oil soot is caused by furnaces. Miscellaneous other substances such as tear gas or fire extinguisher residue can further complicate cleanup.

After identifying the type of smoke, RestorePro will test the items damaged to see what can be salvaged and what cannot. We will identify the most effective method of cleaning the salvageable items, and will always pretest surfaces to be sure that the cleaning method is effective and safe for that surface.

Removing Smoke Odor

Smoke odors can be difficult to remove due to its penetration and absorption into building materials. RestorePro’s service providers in Sandusky, OH, and Erie County, OH, have the knowledge, products and equipment to permanently remove these stubborn odors. Place your RestorePro phone number next to your emergency numbers and call us for an estimate of damage repair in the event of a fire or smoke damage.

Smoke residue is acidic and will eventually corrode some surfaces and leave permanent stains. If also can permeate cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floors and leave an odor that is very difficult to remove unless treated swiftly. RestorePro technicians have the skill, training and equipment to restore many things to pre-fire condition and eliminate the expense of replacement items. RestorePro’s experienced, certified technicians use the best of professional cleaning products and state-of-the-art technology, including ozone deodorization, to restore your property and eliminate odors. We work with you to lessen your losses and with your insurance agent to expedite your claim.Best Fire Damage Repair Sandusky

Working with a Fire and Smoke Restoration Professional in Sandusky

Each fire is different and the type of smoke damage will vary based on the numerous characteristics present in your situation. By working with a RestorePro technician you can be assured that your property and belongings are in good hands and your total losses will be reduced.

RestorePro provides fire and smoke restoration services to Sandusky, OH, and Erie County, OH. The sooner you call us after a fire damages your home or business, the better. Soot and smoke residues will continue to cause damage and over time some items may not be recoverable after a fire. Don’t hesitate to call us to see what we can do for you.