What to Do When You Have Water Damage in Ohio

If your Sandusky home or business suffers water damage, you might think about tending to the problem yourself. While many are able to handle small areas of water damage on their own, large jobs are always best left to a professional with the necessary training and equipment to completely dry your property and ensure it is safe and healthy.

Water will penetrate wallboards, baseboards and sills, and it is not always noticeable without moisture detection equipment. Improper or incomplete drying can lead to more damage over time and promotes the growth of potentially harmful mold. You should hire a certified water mitigation professional to handle the removal of excess water and to thoroughly dry your building.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to prevent damage and to begin cleanup before the pros arrive. You can take small steps to prevent permanent staining and damage to your belongings. Remember that you can also cause damage or make things more difficult for the restoration professional when you have the best intentions. RestorePro has come up with some tips for ways that you can help and hurt the restoration of your property following water damage.

life in the flooded flat

In the event of water damage, DO the following:

  • Turn off the water source if possible. If you don’t know how, call a plumber or the Water Department.
  • Stay calm! Call RestorePro.
  • Turn off the breaker in the wet areas before unplugging or removing electrical devices located on the wet carpet or other surface.
  • Place aluminum foil under the legs of any furniture resting on with wet carpet. This might prevent furniture stains on your carpet, and keep the moisture from wicking into the furniture legs. If the water is more than surface deep, stand the legs in plastic bowls or something similar.
  • Lift draperies away from wet carpet.
  • Pin up upholstered furniture skirts if they are in danger of touching the wet area. They could wick up water and become stained or bleed color into the carpet.
  • Remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, and other items that may stain wet carpet or wick up moisture.
  • Turn on the air conditioner (no lower than 72 degrees) to speed up drying in the summer or in high humidity areas. If the a/c unit is in a wet area, DO not turn it on.
  • Carefully punch holes in a sagging ceiling. This lets trapped water out and places less strain on the ceiling. Use a non-metal container to catch the released water. NEVER turn on ceiling lights or fans if the ceiling is wet.
  • Remove area rugs from wet flooring or carpet.
  • Move clothing or other fabric items to a dry place. Empty drawers of all items in order for the cupboard, bureau, etc. to dry more easily.
  • If the walls are wet, remove any decorative items from them.
  • Call your insurance agent to report the damage. If you have to stay elsewhere while restoration is being done, be sure that your agent and your restoration company know how to reach you.

Do not attempt the following:

  • Don’t use your home vacuum, since electrical shock may result, as well as certain damage to the equipment itself. You can mop or squeegee standing water however.
  • Don’t place newspaper in traffic areas to walk on, since newspaper ink transfers easily to the wet carpet fibers and may result in permanent staining.

You don’t have to be completely powerless when your home or business suffers water damage, and by taking some steps right away can result in reduced damages and faster cleanups. Always make your own health and safety priority number one, and if your home is damaged by contaminated waters you should always leave the cleanup to a professional.

RestorePro provides water damage mitigation and restoration services in Sandusky, OH, and Erie County, OH. Our certified technicians are available to respond to a water damage emergency 24 hours a day, any day of the year. Don’t hesitate to call us in the event of a water emergency.