Our Team

Rusty Zeller

Business Development, Customer Relationship Manager
After graduating from Margaretta High School in 1973 I had a strong desire to help people so I became involved in a volunteer ministerial work full time for the next seven years. Five and a half years of this time was spent in New York City at the world head quarters of an international organization. I married in 1978 and returned to my home town of Sandusky in 1980. Here I have continued my ministerial efforts as well as volunteered part time in the construction industry building and remodeling places of worship. In 1980 I also started my own business in the automotive accessories, graphics design and installation industry. I still own this business today and continue to provide graphic installations for area emergency services and businesses. In January of 2015 at the invitation of Restorepro owner Jon Fields I began promoting the interests of Restorepro part time in the New Business Development department and as a Customer Relationship Manager. The company motto of “We Care. We Respond. We Restore.” fits well with the personal attitude I have long had toward people and their circumstances in trying to provide relief. In my current position I enjoy regular contact with both business partners and those who have suffered a property and emotional loss. The privilege of providing a needed service and interacting with people at a time of need is both challenging and rewarding as I work hard to build up the trust that others place in me and Restorepro.

Jason Steckel

Business Development, Customer Relationship Manager
For most of my adult life, I have focused on helping others. Whether in sales and marketing, youth & family ministry, youth advocacy, social work, or management, my goal has been to assist other people in making their life better. In my work with RestorePro, I look forward to helping our customers and partnering with insurance agents, adjusters, plumbers, property managers, and others to help our customers have the best possible experience in some of life’s most challenging moments.

Since graduating from Huron High School in 1988, my life has been focused on serving others through my career and volunteering efforts. I moved back to the area several years ago to care for family and have loved being back home.

I was a RestorePro customer long before I was an employee. When Jon invited me to join the RestorePro team, I knew that I would be working with a great group of people who served me during a time of frustration and need. It is a blessing to be working alongside the people who helped me. I love knowing that when I now talk to others about RestorePro, I can share my personal experience about the level of care, quality, and professionalism they offer their customers.