3 Common Misconceptions about Mold Mitigation

A distressed woman discovering Mold in the corner of her ceiling. Mold is, to put it simply, a pain. It smells bad, it looks horrid, and it’s not healthy to be in contact with. Whatever its causes, once discovered, it’s important to immediately take steps to properly remove and mitigate it for good. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding mold removal. We’ve targeted three major ones to help you get a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

Misconception #1: Spraying bleach and water will successfully remove all types of mold.

Bleach and water will only work effectively on non-porous surfaces. So, if you see mold growing on glass, tile, and countertops, break out some old-fashioned bleach and spray away. However, mold often has a deeper, unseen origin rooted in porous materials. Mold spores on these surfaces (wood, drywall, etc.) are unaffected by regular chemical applications. In these cases, it’s highly recommended and even necessary to call mold removal specialists like RestorePro in Sandusky.

Misconception #2: Ventilation will “air out” mold growth.

Not true! There are a few different problems with this “solution.” Problem number one: If outside air is included in the ventilation processes (usually while ventilating a basement or crawlspace), it can actually cause or magnify pre-existing condensation. Since mold loves humidity, it will multiply rapidly. Problem number two: If air is constantly circulating in the affected area, detached mold spores will travel throughout your Sandusky home. The contamination won’t be mitigated, but it will be worsened in other areas. It’s important to keep affected areas closed off and free of excess moisture to truly exterminate the entirety of the mold.

If you don’t currently have mold issues and would like to prevent future run-ins, investing in a dehumidifier is a great solution. Since mold feeds off moisture, keeping a dry area is essential for preventing unwanted mold growth. You can also contact RestorePro in Sandusky for more tips on preventing mold growth.

Misconception #3: Painting over mold will “seal it”.

This is like using a Band-Aid on a bullet hole. Painting or covering mold growth with any other material, like paint, won’t do anything to hinder toxic mold spores. Although you won’t be able to physically see the problem, rest assured it is there. The mold will still escape through the paint and be released into airborne spores. Released spores can trigger allergies, cause stomach discomfort, and create countless other sicknesses if prolonged exposure occurs. Be sure to quickly and properly mitigate mold as soon as it is found.

Mold is not a do-it-yourself undertaking for the average homeowner. Improper or incomplete removal can actually compound the problem and spread mold to other areas of the home. Although some sources will attempt to give you mitigation ideas, mold removal requires specialized equipment and chemicals that aren’t available on the market for homeowners. If you find mold, it is critical to call a professional immediately. RestorePro in Sandusky is here to help you with all of your mold mitigation needs. Mold can pose a serious threat to you and your family members if left untreated. Call us today for more information!

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