The Unspoken Dangers of Fire Damage

When most people think about fires, the main concern that comes to their mind is the scorching, deadly heat of the flames. This prospect on its own is frightening enough. However, the potential hazards stemming from a fire are much more diverse and longer lasting than the fire itself. RestorePro in Sandusky, Ohio is experienced […]

Smoke Damage Is Harmful

 Smoke Damage Is Harmful To Your Home When there is a fire in your home or office it’s natural to be more concerned about the physical damage that’s caused by the fire, but it’s also important to pay close attention to any smoke damage that your property has sustained. Ash and smoke, if left unhindered, will […]

Understanding the Science of Smoke and Fire Damage Repair in Erie County

If you’ve experienced a fire in your home or commercial building in Sandusky, OH, or Erie County, OH, the aftermath can be overwhelming. The sight of your damaged property can leave you feeling helpless, but quick action is crucial. The sooner you begin the cleanup process, the better the chances of restoring your home and […]

Fire Damage Cleanup in Lorain County

The damage that fire causes to your home is much more than structural damage from flames and heat. There are several less noticeable ways that fire can damage your personal belongings, impacting the health and safety of your family if not handled quickly and properly. RestorePro is here to provide heartfelt tips on determining if […]

Smoke Damage Restoration in Sandusky

When a building suffers fire damage, it’s crucial to identify the characteristics of the fire and the type of smoke it produces to determine the best cleaning and restoration method. Each fire is unique, and whether it was fast and hot or slow and smoldering and what materials were burned will impact the methods used […]