Common Cause of Water Damage In Your Lorain Home

water damage cleanup lorainHaving running water in our homes is a luxury we should not take for granted. Being able to have access to water with the turn of a handle makes life much more comfortable and convenient. As much of water is a life-sustaining force, it can also be very destructive. Since we have gallons up on gallons of water running to, throughout, and from our homes every single day, it is no wonder that water damage is such a common occurrence. Here are just some of the most common causes of water damage that could potential affect your Lorain home:

Water Damage Cleanup In Lorain

  1. Severe weather: While thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are not a daily threat here, they can still occur and, with them bring some pretty intense water damage. Strong winds can damage roofs and gutter systems, allowing water to leak into your home. Heavy rain can cause water to pool around your home, or raise ground level water up and into your basement or crawl space. Severe weather can cause flash flooding, leaving your home damaged with standing water. Keeping the exterior or your home in good condition from the roof, to the gutters and around your foundation, will help to protect your home from weather-related water damage.
  2. Leaky pipes: Broken pipes inside walls, loose pipes under sinks, even frozen pipes that have burst under pressure are all potential problems that result in water damage. Leaky pipes may start as small water leaks, but over time they can lead to major problems (mold and rot to give you a couple examples). When leaky pipes go unnoticed or are left unresolved, the damage only compounds. It is important to check for signs of leaky pipes so you can respond quickly and get the problem resolved before it gets any worse.
  3. Washing machine leaks: Water flows to and from the washing machine through a water supply line. If your supply lines are rubber or PVC, then they are prone to cracks, kinks, and ruptures. Since the washing machine literally houses gallons of water at a time, when these supply line leak they cause some serious water damage. The best way to prevent water damage from water supply lines is to use braided stainless steel line and make sure that there is enough room between your washer and the water supply so that nothing can get clogged, kinked, or blocked. While we are still on the washing machine, it is also important to check other appliances in your home like dishwashers and hot water heaters to make sure that their water supply lines are in-tact and not leaking.

While this list could keep going on and on, we hope that even being aware of a few of the common causes of water damage will help you to take necessary precautions to keep water damage from happening in your home and to help you catch it sooner when it does. Regardless of the source or cause of your water damage situation, Restore Pro is ready to handle the cleanup. Give us a call right away when you need water damage cleanup.