Water Damage Cleanup And Ashland Garages

water damage cleanup ashland, water damage repair ashland, water damage restoration ashlandThe garage is one of the classic American workplaces. Car parking, do-it-yourself projects and even fully furnished man caves and more often than not it’s seen as a simple, easily maintained workplace. Single-car garages come in average widths of 10, 12 and 14 feet. For two-car garages, it’s either 20 or 24 feet to easily allow you to park two vehicles, with enough extra space for storage, hobbies and other activities. However, we at Restore Pro in Ashland know too well that sometimes, that creates a lot of space for water damage.

Next to the basement, the garage is the single largest storage facility found in most homes. Storage spaces of any kind are especially vulnerable since small leaks can grow unnoticed behind or beneath gathered items. Over time this damages the floor, walls, even your items themselves. When this happens, it’s best you contact water damage cleanup professionals.


The garage is usually seen as so simple that it doesn’t need that much maintenance work; if it’s constructed correctly, the garage is a strong, safe place that doesn’t contain that many fittings, pipes, and surfaces for water to infiltrate. But, if you have any form of running water in there (such as your washing machine or a faucet for cleanup), there could be a chance for water damage.

But, if you check your plumbing on a regular basis, you’ll find that there’s plenty of chances for water to find its way to these surfaces. Be sure to inspect the pipes for rust, leaks, and possible mishaps such as large objects running into the piping. If you have your washing machine in the garage, you could very well have a major leak if the drain pipes clog or if the water line breaks. Replace any plastic fittings with metal. 

Roofs and Gutters

Inspect the roofing and gutters around your garage; keep the gutter system clear and free of obstructions to properly channel water down and away from your garage. The idea is to keep excess water away from the base of your garage where it may puddle up and flow in the wrong direction.

Roof leakage may also result in water damage from above, soaking down through the attic and ceiling of the garage and creating unsightly stains and damage to drywall, sheetrock, and any electrical systems servicing the garage. Keep your eyes to the ceiling after a strong rain. 


Here in Ohio, occasional humidity in the summer can be a problem. If the garage is kept sealed most of the time, the humidity and heat is the perfect condition for mold to grow. Make sure to air out your garage regularly. For more protection, a dehumidifier is a good choice for the room to remain dry and free from water damage.  

Some Causes Are Unpredictable

After checking the structure for soundness, you also need to pay attention to additional risks. Fresh water pipes located in the yard can burst, causing water to enter the garage from the ground below. Overflowing water from nearby sources, including streams, broken dams, or lakes can cause flooding too. And if your neighbor decides to drain his above ground pool into his yard, it will flow into yours as well. All these cases can result in the need for professional water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Cleanup In Ashland

In Northern Ohio, RestorePro has a team of 20 highly skilled, full time cleaning and restoration experts on call for you when disasters happen. We provide water damage cleanup services and repair property damaged by water, storms, floods and plumbing mishaps– any water source.