Expert Bedroom Mold Removal In Sandusky

mold removal sandusky, residential mold removal sandusky, professional mold removal sanduskyOne of the best things you can do for your health is to get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, your favorite room in your Sandusky home can generate a lot of mold that can affect the quality of your sleep. Restore Pro in Sandusky provides professional mold removal services so you can sleep easy knowing that your bedroom is healthy.

For most people, mild exposure to mold shows little effect. However, those people with sensitivity or people with an already compromised immune system can go from mild conditions to pretty severe due to mold. Some recent study findings on mold and sleep found that insomnia is more common among subjects living in damp buildings. “Damp housing and adult health” is another large-scale study that found a correlation between damp housing and insomnia in adults.

Other studies focused on children specifically, found that children exposed to mold in their bedrooms are also more likely to have sleep problems. As for seniors, the presence of mildew odor in senior housing correlates with poorer health and sleep outcomes. Mold removal is not only important for good sleep but good health as well.  

Sources Of Bedroom Mold

Due to body sweat and other moisture, mattresses are one of the top spots for mold in your bedroom. Removal is easier if cleaned regularly. Use a waterproof mattress cover or Invest in a mold-resistant, hypoallergenic mattress.   

Poor airflow in the room adds to the problems. Keep the door open for several hours a day. If you live in an area that’s prone to humidity, regularly run your air conditioner and ceiling fans, or use a dehumidifier to keep the inside air dry. (Ideally indoor humidity level should be below 50%.)

Vacuum regularly, keep your carpet dry and have it cleaned at least once per year, preferably twice. Underneath your carpet, hundreds of pathogens and allergens can be found. Because these things are essentially food for mold, it’s crucial to keep your carpets clean. Engaging in these basic homecare routines can save you from a hectic mold removal process in the future. You can also cover high-traffic areas with washable (or at least more easily replaceable) area rugs. Keep your carpet clean with regular vacuuming and cleaning. Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove spores while you clean. If mold is suspected in your carpets or underneath them, contact a professional mold removal company to help eradicate the mold. 

If your bedroom is connected to a bathroom, be sure to open the windows to air out the room after you bathe or shower. Also, be sure to wipe down the shower from excess water so moisture doesn’t build up on the surfaces. 

Trust The Mold Removal Experts In Sandusky

Take charge of your health; take charge of the air quality in your bedroom. If you suspect that you have a mold problem or if you can SEE visible signs of mold growth in your home or business, call a professional mold removal team. With hundreds of mold removal projects over the years, technical training from the country’s top certification schools, and our desire to make you a happy customer, RestorePro is the team for you