Fire Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Fire Damage Repair Sandusky, Fire Damage Sandusky, Fire Damage Restoration SanduskyOctober is here, and that means it’s national fire prevention month. In the spirit of it being national fire prevention month, we at RestorePro in Sandusky, Ohio are here to offer some advice regarding what you should do to prevent fires.

Keep the Lint Trap in your Dryer Clean

It’s easy to forget to clean out the lint trap in your dryer when you’re trying to quickly get your laundry done. Luckily, it’s a very easy thing to do and it only takes a couple seconds. If you don’t though, lint can build up quickly and it might as well be kindling for a fire – it is that easy to ignite.

Avoid Overusing Outlet Extenders and Look for Frayed Wires

This is another common mistake, but also very easy to avoid. Outlet extenders can be very useful but they also pose a great risk if overused. If you use outlet extenders just don’t plug too many things into them at once and for an extended period of time. Along with that, keep an eye out for damaged or frayed wires in your home. They are another easy way to cause sparking which could lead to a fire all-too-easily. Just keep a close eye out and none of these issues should ever bother you.

Be Careful in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most common places for a fire to get started. With all the different potential sources of heat in a kitchen, there are a lot of opportunities for that fire to begin. Obviously, you should never leave food unattended while you are cooking. Check your food regularly and use a timer so if you forget to take it out – the alarm will remind you. Refrain from wearing loose or dangly clothes while cooking around hot surfaces that could catch fire. Last of all, thoroughly clean up any grease spills in your kitchen. This is very important since grease fires can be very serious and harmful.

Install Fire Alarms and have a Safety Plan

This is a no-brainer, but it’s so important that it has to be mentioned anyway. Install fire alarms strategically throughout your home so you’ll be notified right away if a fire does start in your house. Also, remember to test your fire alarms regularly to ensure that they are all in proper working order. Another important thing to do is to have an established safety plan for your entire family. Make sure that everyone, especially any young children in your family, knows and understand the plan well. Have an established meeting place outside of the house far enough away to avoid any of the potential effects of a fire.

Now that you know many of the different things you can do to prevent fires, you should be in great shape to be fire-free throughout your life. Sometimes, though, there is simply nothing more you can do and you find yourself devastated by a home fire. If that does happen to you don’t wait to contact RestorePro in Sandusky for all your fire damage restoration needs.