Getting Water Damage And Cleanup Tips in Commercial Properties

water damage cleanup sanduskySmall businesses account for 99.9% of all firms in the US. If you’re in charge of the bottom line, keeping your building and your people safe is always your responsibility. And beyond the building itself,  water damage at a commercial property could have an even bigger impact. 

Different types of properties have their own sets of challenges. Retail businesses may lose revenue or time in terms of operating hours. Production facilities can lose inventory and destroy deadlines. Rental properties will lose revenue during repairs.

The aftermath of water damage could also lead to equipment loss and jeopardize occupant health. Cleaning up an industrial or retail space will probably require more resources than your team has available; get support for your commercial water damage cleanup.

Property and Equipment Loss

Potential losses can include parts of your building itself like drywall, ceiling, flooring or fixtures. Your business probably uses valuable electronic equipment- either on the production floor or in the office. Custom workstations or specialized manufacturing equipment can be even harder to replace, as these items may be special order or limited stock. And standing water will damage  raw materials and finished goods needed held in storerooms. You certainly don’t want to ship out your flagship products in damaged packaging materials.  

Biohazard Safety

Water damage in commercial buildings can pose significant risks to occupant health. If the water came up from the sewer, the industry categorizes the messes with these terms: 

  • Gray water: Not containing fecal matter, gray water is from sources like sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and showers.
  • Black water: Black water is sewage water from toilets, and is an extreme health hazard. 

Contaminated water is a serious disease source, and poses a major risk to the health of everyone who comes in and out of the building.  


Home carpeting is often plush with a second, padded under layer. Most commercial sites use short pile carpeting that is easier to clean. The sturdier material is easier to dry than home, plus many floors are designed with individual, replaceable tiles. 

Furnishings and Equipment

Commercial buildings and businesses might involve networks of computer systems, complicated desk setups, filing systems, document storage, and area dividers. All of these can present a complex issue for your water restoration team.

An experienced crew can save you time and money by quickly working to salvage inventory, production equipment and valuable supplies.  

Focus on the Air

Water damage in an office building can lead to mold growth. Poor indoor air quality might also result in more sick days for your employees. Studies show that employees subjected to poor air quality are two to three times more likely to develop respiratory issues. Mold is associated with a wide variety of severe respiratory conditions. Evidence points to  long-term damage in people who spend a lot of time working in closed spaces affected with mold.

Keep Safety First

Your clients and employees are the essence of your business; you always put safety first. Immediately after a flood or broken pipe, the Restore Pro team will  inspect for structural and electrical damage from outside to determine if it is safe to enter. Then they will check for fire hazards and gas leaks. In the short term, they will be watchful for fire ants, snakes, or other animals. For the long term, they will make sure that mold and mildew are under control. 

If You Need Water Damage Cleanup in Sandusky 

When you have a business, you are responsible for the building, the inventory and mostly the people. In Northern Ohio, RestorePro has a team of 20 highly skilled, full time cleaning and restoration experts on call for you when disasters happen at work. They will repair property damaged from water, storms, floods and plumbing mishaps. Don’t delay the clean up process– the sooner you get a professional team on site, the less chance of additional damage and mold. Put yourself in the hands of the experts in Sandusky., call RestorePro today.