How to Keep your Carpet Clean with Pets


carpet cleaning pets So, you have pets. And Carpet. By this point, you’ve probably realized that pets and carpet aren’t the best match. As a lover of animals, you have your work cut out for you. Not only are the responsibilities that accompany a pet nearly equivalent to a part-time job (feeding, bathing, and play time don’t take care of themselves you know), but you have to give your home the attention it needs. Dirty carpet is usually the most obvious indicator of furry friends in the house. Because of this, it’s important to be educated on how to prevent messes in the home to keep your carpet looking fresh. (But don’t worry, if your carpet has endured it all, RestorePro in Sandusky can help you clean it up!) Here are some tips to maintaining fresh carpet with animals:

  1. Use the Towel Trick

Since most dirt comes from outside, place a towel mat at each entrance for your dog or cat. You will be able to quickly wipe off your pet’s paws off before tracking dirt around the house. Most pets will refuse at first, but ultimately your pet will learn that he can’t re-enter the house until you wipe his paws. This small routine makes a large difference. Clean paws can’t dirty carpet.

  1. Know how to Clean up after an accident

Humans are famous for saying the phrase, “accidents happen.” Well, the same principle applies to pets. If your dog or cat has an accident, clean up the area as quickly as possible. The quicker you can pull out a towel and some cleaning solution, the better chance you have of removing the stain and odor entirely. Although do-it-yourself home remedies do a decent job of minimizing damage, few, if any, completely remove the stain and odor from an accident. RestorePro in Sandusky can easily remediate your carpet and help you transform it into the clean, odor-free carpet it was. Then, some potty training might be a wise course of action.

  1. Vacuum regularly

This one is obvious, but it also makes the biggest difference. Non-pet owners should vacuum their home at least weekly. However, when you add an animal into the equation, it is highly recommended that you vacuum at least 2-3 times during the week. Vacuuming will remove about 80% of dirt, particles, and spills. In addition to vacuuming the floor, be sure to vacuum upholstery and tile. If these areas aren’t clean, pet hair will just transfer around the home as your family walks from room to room.

Not only will vacuuming keep your carpet fresh, it will extend its lifetime! Just because you have pets in the house doesn’t mean you have to replace your carpet before its lifetime guarantee.

Clean carpet means clean air, pets (hopefully), and home. Taking the time to regularly sanitize your carpet takes work. Since you wouldn’t think of getting rid of your pets, cater to their needs instead. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service does just that. Fortunately, RestorePro in Sandusky specializes in thorough carpet cleaning. Professional cleanings remove much more dirt that a vacuum and will help your home be free of pet hair and dander. Call us today for more information!

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