4 Facts About Mold Removal that You Need to Know

Mold removal sanduskyMold can get to be a very big problem in your Sandusky home. It seems harmless enough when it starts off as a tiny microscopic spore…and then it spreads into a big colony fairly quickly. Mold needs food (something to grow on), water, and ideal temperatures. You may have heard some myths about mold in past and wonder how you should handle mold in your home. We are here to put the record straight.

Here are 4 Facts About Mold that You Need to Know

  1. Do not spray bleach on mold

Most of us are taught that bleach will eliminate mold. It will kill mold, but dead mold spores are just as toxic for your lungs as live ones. When you spray mold with bleach, water, vinegar, or other liquids you are disturbing the spores and when the spores get disturbed they go airborne. Once airborne the mold spores will spread throughout your house to another ideal location.

  1. Molds can cause rashes.

A skin rash can be caused from direct contact or by inhalation of the mold. Mold can also cause eye irritation, headaches, sore throats, shortness of breath and runny noses. If a person already has respiratory problems, mold can irritate them even more and cause hospitalization.

  1. Mold was used in biological warfare.

Mycotoxins are naturally produced in mold. There is more than 300 mycotoxins produced by 350 different species of fungi. The T-2 mycotoxin is found in black mold and is so toxic that 90% of the United States Army biological warfare research is on this toxin. The T2 mycotoxin has previously been used in war time situations as a biological agent. When it is in aerosol form it is known as “Yellow Rain”. It was even used in Vietnam and several other wars.

  1. Mold inspections are very important when buying a home.

Mold can be hidden easily. Many homes provide the perfect conditions for mold growth. Basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are the main targets in your home. These are areas where water and humidity levels are higher. If you can control the moisture levels in your house it will help prevent mold growth.

It is important to have a mold inspection because mold will cause structural damage if it is not removed. Legally the seller of the home may not have to disclose mold problems. The buyer may never know there is a problem until it is too late. Some sellers may even try to cover it up by painting over it or bleaching it. Home inspectors are not mold experts and may miss the signs if it is not visible. Bringing in mold experts can save you a lot of money in the long run.
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