Being Proactive: Watching For Signs Of Mold

mold testing sandusky, mold inspection sandusky, mold removal sanduskyMold is a subtle enemy with bold associated damage and costs. In as little as 48 hours after something is exposed to moisture, mold can start to grow, causing odors and compromising surfaces and structures. You likely won’t even know when it starts to grow, giving it a window to grow and flourish before it causes real problems and someone notices. To find mold earlier than you might otherwise, we at Restore Pro recommend you watch for these common signs of mold in your Sandusky home and request mold testing by professionals in any instance that mold seems to be a concern.

  • Allergy Symptoms. Pay attention to others that live within your home as well (even pets and children.) If someone seems to be struggling with an allergic reaction, especially if it seems to be worse when you’re at home than when you go out, there is a decent chance you are dealing with a mold problem. That’s bad news, but the good news is that it can be remedied, and now you have a direction to go in to find a solution! Mold testing can help you find out if mold is a cause for not feeling too well. 
  • Water Damage. Have you recently had water damage problems? Mold loves to grow in moist environments, so water damage affected properties are also candidates for having mold growth. In addition, if you’re had fire damage, this can be an underlying cause too because the water used to put out fires may then cause water and mold damage in turn. Triple Whammy!
  • Mold Odors. Even if the odor is just faint, the fact that it exists should be the cause of concern and investigation for you. If mold is tucked away somewhere in your home, the odor may be the first or only indication you’ll get when mold growth happens. 
  • Visible Mold Growth. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people reason away visible evidence by assuming it is soot or dirt. If you see even a little bit of mold, it may indicate that there is a much larger colony elsewhere. Any sign should not be ignored; that is true especially if you have other risk factors (recent water damage, humidity, etc) 
  • Other Related Issues. If your home is also struggling with warping, rust, deterioration, or discoloration, you are at increased risk of having unseen mold growth. 
  • Condensation. Watch for condensation on indoor surfaces such as glass windows or metal pipes. If you often notice condensation anywhere inside, your home is probably the ideal moist environment that mold spores love. 

If you suspect or are certain of mold growth, call for professional help today. Professionals can conduct mold testing to be sure, and engage in removal and restoration if necessary. Call right away, as mold becomes more dangerous to you the longer you are exposed to it. Calling for help is likely in your best interest as self clean-up may result in the inadvertent spreading of the lightweight spores. For those in Sandusky and surrounding areas, Restore Pro is an excellent choice and will satisfy all of your mold testing and removal needs throughout the entire process of detection and implementation of a plan.