Do you Suspect An Indoor Mold Problem Needing To Be Removed? 

The difference between mold removal and mold remediation is that mold removal is physically removing all mold spores while mold remediation focuses on returning mold levels to normal, natural levels. The terms get used interchangeably. However, 100% “removal” is impossible since airborne mold spores are microscopic and live everywhere. 

In dry indoor environments, mold can be plentiful without creating  problems. Mold poses as a serious issue only when materials inside a property remain damp for prolonged periods of time. Mold feeds on organic materials: wood, drywall, dust, paper, carpeting. It is common to find mold growing behind the walls, along ceilings and under carpeting if the area stays damp. Mold might be easy to find, but it is really hard to remove without professional help.

Mold Removal In Sandusky

Mold remediation of a mold-infested property will return mold levels to an acceptable, natural level. The process lowers levels so that mold is no longer harmful to the building or its inhabitants.

Common Types of Mold

Most types of household mold are relatively safe. A professional mold remediation expert will be able to accurately distinguish between toxic molds and allergenic, household molds. Aspergillus molds, for instance, can cause pulmonary infections in vulnerable individuals. Some types of Aspergillus molds produce mycotoxins and trigger allergic reactions.

Penicillium molds cause food spoilage. Some types of Penicillium molds produce mycotoxins. When a Penicillium mold outbreak is extensive, it may adversely affect the health of building occupants, causing allergic reactions and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. A musty odor reveals the presence of this mold.

The removal or cleanup of copious Stachybotrys molds from indoor environments must be handled by experienced mold remediation technicians due to the toxic components these types of spores contain. Stachybotrys molds produce mycotoxins and satratoxins, which are extremely noxious when inhaled.

Do I Need To Have It Tested In A Lab?

If you can already see it, you usually don’t need to spend money on pre-testing mold. Plain and simple: you just need to remove it. Since no visible mold growth belongs in a healthy home (no matter what the type) and all mold should be removed the same way, there is usually no need to identify what types and concentrations of mold you have via testing.

The only time Restore Pro recommends pre-testing when there is visible mold is when you need “hard proof” when buying a house that has some mold. Then you can have it tested/confirmed so you can negotiate the price down with the seller.

Mold Removal and Home Restoration in Sandusky

If you suspect that you have a mold problem or if you can SEE visible signs of mold growth in your home or business – Call the Experts at RestorePro. With hundreds of mold removal projects under our belts as well as by receiving training from the country’s top certification schools, our mold removal professionals know all there is to know about how to completely and safely remove your mold problems.  

In Northern Ohio, RestorePro has a team of 20 highly skilled, full time cleaning and restoration experts on call for you when disasters happen. We repair property damaged from water, storms, floods and plumbing mishaps. Our care can even extend to your personal belongings: packing and moving out, restoration cleaning, repair and storage.