5 Signs You Might Have Hidden Water Damage In Your Home

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When you think about water damage, you probably think about flooding. But a lot of the time, water damage happens in areas that you do not see immediately. When this happens, you need to be on the lookout for signs that it may have occurred. It’s a big problem that will only get worse the longer it goes without being taken care of. Water damage cleanup only gets harder the longer you wait. Here are five signs that you might have water damage hidden in your home. 

1. Curling Floorboards

Water damage that gets underneath your floorboards will cause them to warp. You may notice them coming detached and separating from one another. They will also separate from the wall, and the ends will begin to curl upward. If you notice this happening, there is a good chance that you have water damage underneath them that needs to be dried up and repaired immediately.

2. Cracked Or Peeling Paint

When you have water damage inside your walls or ceilings, you will often see the signs of it through your paint. Water can cause small cracks like spider webs in your paint. It can also cause the paint to peel away from your wall. You might also notice bubbles in the paint. The water will create little pockets in the paint where it will sit, wearing it down and putting pressure on it. You can release the pressure by poking a small hole and allowing some of the water to leak out, but be careful—there may be more water in it than you are expecting. 

3. Discolored Rings

The paint may not peel, crack, or bubble, but there is another way to tell if there is water damage inside your walls or ceilings. Sometimes the water damage will come through as discolored rings on the wall or ceiling, often making it look like the paint is rusty. Water damage that is a result of a leaky roof will often show itself as these discolored rings on the ceiling.

4. Musty Odors

Along with water damage comes mold. You can identify mold by its musty smell. If water damage has occurred and has not been cleaned up immediately, you might notice this smell in your home. It often happens in areas of your home that are poorly ventilated, such as crawlspaces, attics, basements, and cupboards. If you notice this smell, you should get the water damage repaired and the mold removed as soon as possible.

5. Higher Water Bills

It may be surprising, but if you have noticed your water bill is higher than it should be and you do not know why, then it could be because of water damage. If you have a leaking pipe somewhere in your home constantly dripping water, then your bill will go up. It would be wise to find that pipe and get it repaired and clean up any water damage that it has caused.

You may not notice water damage right away, and that’s okay. It is important to know what to look for, just in case. Water damage cleanup can be an expensive and tedious process. If you see any signs of water damage in your home, call Restore Pro to help you take care of it. They provide water damage cleanup and restoration services, so you can have peace of mind that you and your home are safe.