Time Is Money When Water Damage Restoration Is Involved

There are many different things that run through your mind when your Sandusky home suffers from water damage, many of them being 4 letter words that probably shouldn’t be written down or said aloud. However, there is one 4 letter word that is always on the minds of homeowners who need water damage restoration that we can say and talk about, and that is T I M E. We know that getting your home back to normal is your number one priority, and ours is to respond as quickly as possible so we can mitigate any further damage – so time really is of the essence when dealing with water damage restoration. While we wish we could give you a standard estimate of how much time it takes to restore your home after water damage, every case is different, so it varies greatly. With that being said, we do want to give you some factors to consider when trying to determine how long your water damage restoration project will take so you can plan accordingly. To come up with a good estimate for your water damage restoration timeline, we will have to consider:

  1. How much water is present
  2. How long has the water been present
  3. How much time will be needed to stop the source of the water
  4. What type of water is present (there are three different categories of water based on contamination level, the more contaminated the water, the more extensive the restoration)
  5. What area of the home sustained the water damage
  6. How old the home is (if your home was built before 1985, then asbestos testing must be done before any sections are opened for drying which usually takes 24-48 hours to get results, then, if positive, an abatement company has to be contacted)
  7. What type of materials have been exposed to the water
  8. How much drying time will be needed to remove all excess water and moisture thoroughly and completely
  9. What repairs/rebuild/replacements will be required to return your home to its pre-loss condition

Water Damage Restoration In Sandusky

While this is a lot of information to process to get a rough estimate on a timeframe, a professional water damage restoration company like Restore Pro will be able to make a pretty good estimate based on our initial inspection. We know that timing is key when dealing with water damage restoration, which is why we have technicians standing by 24/7 to take your call and respond to your situation right away. Upon our arrival, we will evaluate the situation, find and stop the source of the water (if that hasn’t already been done), and then assess the damage so we can begin to develop a restoration plan right away. Our years of experience have helped us to get a pretty good estimate on the timeframe right from the beginning, but our years of experience have also taught us that water damage restoration is often full of surprises. This is why we make sure to communicate with you clearly, openly, and frequently so that we can keep you informed on where the process is and where it is going. If you want to ensure that your water damage restoration is done in the least amount of time possible while still receiving the best services and results possible, then call the experts at Restore Pro.