Water Damage Cleanup in Ashland

water damage cleanup ashlandAfter your Ashland home is affected by water damage or a flood, it is reasonable to want to do everything you can to protect your property and your home. But you should also be concerned for your own safety, especially if there is significant water damage or flooding. Your personal safety should always take precedence over saving your property. By knowing and understanding the risks of flood cleanup, you can safely protect yourself and your home after water damage.

Be Prepared

You should always wear the appropriate protective clothing and equipment to handle the type of water damage cleanup you are facing. This usually includes protective eyewear, rubber boots and gloves, and a respirator or mask. Floodwaters often carry dangerous contaminants that can make you sick or spread disease. If mold growth is a possibility, avoid spreading contamination to other areas of your Ashland home.

Play it Safe

Before entering a flooded area, always be sure that it is safe to do so. This may include turning off electricity and ensuring utility lines are not damage or are also turned off. After entering, ventilate the home to remove potentially harmful toxins from the air. Take regular breaks to get some fresh air whenever you are performing water damage cleanup.

Don’t use electricity until a professional has checked and cleared your electrical system for safety. Also never use a gas generator inside the home.

Process Water Damaged Items

Unaffected items can be moved to a safe location for storage, while items with water damage will need to be disposed of or dried and restored. Document everything with photos, videos, and an inventory for your insurance claim. After a flood, many items cannot be saved, but if your items are affected by clean water, it may be possible to restore most items if cleanup begins quickly.

Remove Excess Water and Begin Drying

While fairly obvious, water must be extracted and drying should begin no more than 24 hours after water damage occurs to prevent mold growth. Water damage cleanup professionals will take care of this for you, and it is especially a good idea to hire a professional if you have a lot of water damage, or if cleanup has been delayed for any reason.

Water damage cleanup can be a big job, and hiring a professional in Ashland can expedite the process, reducing your losses and the amount of time you spend performing flood cleanup. RestorePro provides emergency water damage cleanup services in Ashland and the surrounding areas, and responds 24/7 to any water damage emergency.