Leaky Pipes Calling For Water Damage Restoration? Here Are The Probable Causes

water damage restoration sandusky, water damage cleanup sandusky, water damage sanduskyIf you have a leaky pipe in your home, it is probably causing water damage and a major headache for you. To help you diagnose the problem, repair it, and be able to move on, here are five of the probable causes of your pipe leaking according to our water damage restoration experts at RestorePro.

Water Damage Restoration In Avon, OH

Invasive Tree Roots

When planting a small, new tree in your backyard, it’s easy to underestimate how the tree roots will grow and spread underground. In fact, these roots can grow and spread so much that they can wrap around or puncture water pipes in the ground. This can lead to a massive underground leak around your home, and the water will quickly move toward your home. You should also be cautious about this happening if you move in somewhere that has growing trees in the yard since the roots could be growing around your water pipes at this very moment. 

Shifts In The Foundation

Small shifts in your foundation can spell big trouble for your water lines. Water lines aren’t meant to be flexible so they can easily break or rupture if your foundation settles the wrong way. Keep an eye on your foundation so you are able to notice any shifts or damage to your foundation as they can be an indication that your water lines are in trouble. 

Corroded Pipes

This is not a primary concern in all homes, but it should be taken seriously in old homes that have copper or galvanized steel piping which is very susceptible to rust. If your pipes do begin rusting, have them looked at by a plumber right away before it gets any worse and has the potential to cause a leak. This can save you from costly water damage restoration further down the road. 

High Water Pressure

High water pressure leads to damaging wear and tear on your pipes. Water zipping through your pipes at high speeds increases the risk of your pipes bursting. The sudden changes to the direction of water flow can be too much for your pipes to bear, eventually resulting in leaks. High water pressure may be convenient for you, but you should avoid having your water pressure being any higher than it needs to if possible. 

Shifts In Temperature

Frequently enduring freezing temperatures can take a serious toll on your water pipes. The best two things you can do to protect them from freezing temperatures are to keep water moving through them and doing what you can to keep the air around them warm. You can keep the water moving by setting your water to a drip on cold nights. You can maintain warm temperatures around your pipes by opening your cabinet doors and installing insulation around the pipes. 

Don’t risk a leaky pipe in your Avon, OH home! The damage and water damage restoration expenses incurred from a leaky pipe is much more than anyone would like to take on. Nonetheless, if your home is still damaged by a leaky pipe, give the water damage restoration experts a call at RestorePro for help and they will be right out to repair the damage.