Water Damage Restoration: Knowing The Hidden Signs of a Leak

water damage restoration lorainSome water damage cases are obvious (hello flooded basement), while others are more discrete, gradual, and subtle (like leaky pipes in the basement). Though not all water damage cases are the same, all water damage will worsen over time and needs a fast restoration to mitigate damages. The trick is catching those less-noticeable cases of water damage before they go on for too long and cause serious damage. From our restoration experts, here are a few things you should be on the lookout for that could indicate there is water damage occurring somewhere you may not be able to see.

Water Damage Restoration in Lorain

  1. Wet spots that appear as dark circles or water spots will often appear on ceiling tiles and walls where water is leaking. Areas of discoloration that are irregular in shape, appear darker over time, or even grow in size are strong indicators that water is leaking behind them.
  2. Cracking on walls or ceilings, along with bubbling and flaking paint are also common signs of water damage. When excess water builds up behind drywall, it will begin to push its way through and cause the paint to blister or, in some cases, the drywall to actually crack. 
  3. Pooling water around the base of appliances or fixtures can indicate water is leaking from them. Pay special attention to the base of the toilet, under washing machines, or by dishwasher doors as these are common areas where leaks can occur and water can collect.
  4. Moldy smells, like the one after you forget about a load of laundry in the washing machine for a couple days, are often associated with water damage. These strong, pungent smells do not go away over time – they actually can get stronger. Dampness has a very distinct smell and often indicates an ongoing water damage problem that has led to mold and other microbial growth (hence the smell). Do not ignore strong odors, as they often indicate there is a water damage problem. 
  5. Even though we may not be able to see water damage, sometimes we can hear it. When you hear a dripping sound, have a specific creaky floorboard, or even hear water running to the toilet when it hasn’t been used, these sounds can all indicate a problem with a plumbing fixture or pipe.
  6. Last, but definitely not least, pay attention to your water bill. Unexplained spikes in price or water usage could indicate a hidden water leak somewhere along your water supply line. 

Being aware of the possible signs of water damage and catching them sooner rather than later can save you a ton when it comes to water damage restoration. Whether your Lorain home is new or old, water damage can strike at any time from a number of different sources so be aware of and on the lookout for any signs that you may need to call in the restoration experts at Restore Pro to find, assess, and resolve any water damage. Whether obvious or not, big or small, there is no water damage restoration we cannot handle.