Water Damage: What you need to know

water damage sandusky ohGreat floods have flown from simple sources.
-William Shakespeare

Water intrusion is one of the most common types of water damage to your property. Leaky sump
pumps or a drain pipe that becomes clogged with debris should be addressed quickly. Water can also
find its way through small gaps in your foundation. This form of flooding is most likely caused by poor
drainage issues.

Flooding and water damage in the Sandusky, OH area is very common in the spring time. Heavy rainfalls contribute to
higher water levels in our lake and streams. Often times we hear from our customers concerning
basement flooding. When the water table rises your sump pump has to work overtime to compensate
for the increase in water coming into your basement. This is also the most likely time that your sump
pump could fail.

These types of issues can be averted if you take a proactive approach and address your issue quickly.
Replace failed sump pumps as soon as you notice an issue. Consider having a back-up pump installed if
possible. Fix broken or leaky pipes immediately. Call a professional plumber to address the problem so
it can be repaired properly. Check your gutters and down spouts and make sure they are clean of debris
and flowing properly. Make sure your down spouts are properly diverting water away from your

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