When Keeping Cool Brings Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup SanduskyIn an Ohio August, your air conditioner is vital. Sandusky summers are usually lovely but the persistent humidity can be stuffy. And your HVAC unit works all day long to keep you comfy. When the unit works too hard, or is not well maintained, several problems could develop that  will ruin your summer.  

Water Damage Cleanup Sandusky

Common Causes Of Leaks

When your A/C has trouble, your house heats up. But not only can HVAC failures cause damage to the electrical components within your air conditioning unit itself, they can also damage the home. HVACs can leak that into puddles of water pooling in your home.

If you don’t get your yearly A/C tune-up, your evaporator coil can become covered in a layer of grime. When the coil gets dirty, it is unable to perform the heat exchange between your indoor air and the refrigerant. This causes the evaporator coil to get too cold, and ice forms. 

Drain lines that carry this captured humidity out of the home can become clogged over time. When this happens, moisture backs up inside your unit. Then the collected water spills out of the condensation pan and on to your floor.

Units are usually placed in a shallow plastic or metal ​​pan to protect from overflows. But these condensate drain pans can also become rusty over time. Holes and cracks in either material can allow water to leak into your home.

Even after your unit is serviced by the HVAC service company, you need to protect your home. RestorePro will come in and complete a thorough moisture assessment. If the sheetrock isn’t fully dry, your property can sustain further damage. Only then will they clean up, or replace, any damaged materials.  

Common Areas Of Damage

Modern systems have two physical parts. The condenser is located outside of your home in the yard or on a flat roof.  

The second part is the evaporator coil. Depending on the type of house you have, this part may be placed in a utility room, the basement or in the attic. Each location has its advantages, but a leak will cause damage in any area. 

Water will cause damage to any porous surface: sheetrock, carpets, walls, ceilings, baseboards and trim work. Hidden moisture will also cause bad odors and support the growth of health-threatening mold. The experts at RestorePro have completed hundreds of mold removal projects. They will also complete any cleanup using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid spreading any spores to other areas of your home. 

For Professional Water Damage Cleanup in Sandusky

When the A/C unit gets repaired, enjoy the cool air for a moment, then get serious about cleaning up any resulting water damage. In Northern Ohio, RestorePro’s 20 highly skilled, full time restoration experts are on call. They will repair property damaged from water, storms, floods and plumbing mishaps. Experienced and courteous care can even include packing, moving out, restoration, cleaning, repair and storage of your items. 

Don’t delay the clean up process– the sooner you get a professional team on site, the less chance of additional damage and mold. Put yourself in the hands of the experts in Sandusky; call RestorePro today. We Care. We Respond. We Restore.