Do you have Water Damage?

Water damage  can be extremely deceiving. Even the smallest trace of water can cause severe damage if not taken care of immediately. Sometimes, if not dried right away the damage can be worse than that of a flood. Water penetration, if gone unnoticed, can be just as devastating especially if the property has been absorbing the water for a great length of time.

water damage cleanup Ashland It is very important to have our professionals at Restore Pro in Findlay come and examine the water damage and set up a plan for the water damage cleanup. It can be detrimental to your property and potentially to your health if you decide not to request help. In as little as 24 hours after contact with moisture, mold can start growing. Even if you are not sure of how much damage is done, you should contact our professionals at once and we can help you determine what damage there is and what needs to be done to prevent further damage to your property.

 A few places to check for water damage are:

  • the roof of your home
  • around windows and doors
  • blocked rain gutters and drains
  • appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators

Water damage can be a very serious problem for  property owners in Findlay. Remember if the water damage is minor and not taken care of it can potentially get worse.

 If you have a need for water damage cleanup contact us today at Restore Pro in Findlay and we can help you and your property.