Four Unexpected Fire Hazards You Have in Your Home

fire damage repair mansfield, fire damage cleanup mansfield, fire damage mansfieldEvery house fire is a tragedy. Fortunately, virtually every house fire is also preventable. For those who are informed about fire safety, preventing a house fire from ever happening to them is achievable. That’s why Restore Pro serving Mansfield is here to explain how four different situations in your home that may have led to many house fires in the past and will continue to cause house fires in the future if left unaddressed.


1. Candles

Lighting a candle in your home to spread a delicious scent and set a cozy mood is tempting. However, don’t be deceived by the small size of a one or three-wick candle’s fire, because in addition to making great home decor, scented candles also pose a fire threat much larger than their size might lead you to believe. All it takes to turn a pumpkin spice latte candle into a pumpkin spice latte scented fire is one small mistake. This mistake could be a breeze coming through an open window and blowing a spark from the candle to the window curtains. The mistake could be a candle getting bumped off a coffee table onto a blanket. No matter what the mistake is that turns a burning wick into a full-blown house fire, you’ll wish you had thought twice about leaving a candle unattended burning in your home. Of course, the safest option is to avoid burning any candles at all, but if you do choose to keep your candles, never leave an unwatched candle burning.

2. Forgotten stove burners

Forgetting to turn burners off on your stove is probably a fire hazard that you along with most people are aware of, yet it is still one of the top safety hazards that causes fire damage in homes. Because of the danger it poses, be extra vigilant in checking and double-checking that you turn your burners off after using them. All it takes is one flammable object coming in contact with your stove to turn a forgetful moment into a fire damage disaster.

3. Exposed light bulbs

Exposed light bulbs are trendy these days. They’re the perfect way to give your home a rustic feel on a budget. They’re also the perfect way to start a house fire. When a lightbulb is on for a while, it heats up, and flammable objects that come in contact with it can light on fire. When possible, cover the light bulbs in your home with some type of light fixture to prevent this from happening.

4. Towels or curtains in bad locations

Towels and curtains are flammable objects that, when placed in poor locations, can potentially light on fire. Keep towels and curtains out of reach of your stove, oven, candles, exposed light bulbs, fireplaces, and anything else that could cause them to ignite.

By watching these four potential hazards in your home carefully, you can prevent any fires from destroying your home and leaving it in need of repair. However, if for whatever reason, one of these hazards or any other hazard causes a fire in your home in the future, or if your home is in need of fire damage repair currently, be sure to contact a local fire damage restoration company to assist you in returning your home back to its original state. If you live in or near Mansfield, contact Restore Pro to repair your fire damage.