Mold: Bleach Is Not The Answer

water damage cleanup sanduskyOne of the biggest inaccurate perceptions in remediating mold on porous materials is the use of chlorine bleach as a cleaning or “killing” agent.

Did you know that bleach is 99% water and that water is one of the main contributors to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold? Proper mold remediation involves disinfecting wood and wood-based building materials, all of which are porous materials.

Oddly enough, the ionic structure of bleach prevents Chlorine from penetrating porous materials such as drywall and wood – it just stays on the outside surface, whereas mold has enzyme roots that grow inside porous construction materials. The water content of the bleach, however, penetrates the building materials and actually FEEDS the mold. This is why a few days after use, a more noticeable, darker, and more concentrated mold will be found growing (faster) on the bleached areas.

OSHA’s Mold Remediation/Clean-Up Methods guidelines confirm that bleach should not be used for mold remediation. Additionally, Chlorine bleach is NOT registered with the EPA as a disinfectant to kill mold. DO NOT RECOMMEND BLEACH TO YOUR INSUREDS FOR USE IN CLEANING OR “KILLING” MOLD. The key to mold remediation is the cleaning and source removal using specialized processes and equipment. Rely on the experts at RestorePro to work with your insureds to professionally remediate any and all mold issues.

The EPA states:

Biocides are substances that can destroy living organisms. The use of a chemical or biocide that kills organisms such as mold (chlorine bleach, for example) is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup.

Please note: Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must also be removed.

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