Oh My! You just found a major water leak in your Findlay home!

It’s happened and you can’t help but panic as your favorite pillow floats by. Your carpets and floors are under water and your cat is climbing up furniture to stay out of the rising water. Whether water damage is caused by a broken pipe, a defective water heater, flood or even your sprinklers, there are things you can do as soon as possible to limit water damage and salvage personal effects.

Find the Source

Find out where the water is coming from. If possible, turn off the source to keep more water from flowing in. If you are unable to turn off the source look for a way to block the water from entering your home.


It is important that you shut off the power to your home to avoid any electroshock. Mixed with electricity, water becomes lethal.


If possible move any electronics and other belongings out or away from the water.

Safety First

We highly recommend that you stay out of any standing water to avoid any associated health risks. If left alone for too long standing water can spawn hazardous bacteria.

water damage cleanup findlay

Call the Professionals! Your best option for water damage cleanup in Findlay is to call in the professionals. Restorepro is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have extensive experience and training to help you with any water damage cleanup task in Findlay.

Restorepro can remove all of the water from your home and prevent any secondary damages such as mold growth. Call us today! We are standing by to help those in need!