Four Tips For Responding To A Water Damage Emergency In Rental Properties

water damage cleanup sanduskyIf you own rental properties, you need to constantly be on alert for the many different types of disasters that could affect your properties. One of the most serious and common problems is water damage. In a matter of minutes, a burst pipe could flood your property with thousands of gallons of floodwater and displace the tenants who live there. To prevent a mad scramble during a disaster, it is best to be prepared. 

Water Damage Cleanup Sandusky

Here are four tips on how you can prepare against a water damage emergency from our team of water damage restoration technicians at Restore Pro in the Sandusky area.

Prepare Your Renters Ahead Of Time

If any of your rental properties flood, you need to establish a good system of communication with your tenants since they will know about the damage before you do. Setting these expectations with them ahead of time will help them know what to do so they can get the help they need sooner and allow you to minimize the overall damage from the flood. Provide your tenants with emergency phone numbers to call in case of emergencies.

Have Emergency Plans At The Ready

In the wake of a water damage disaster, there will be many different issues you need to juggle. If you can figure out some of these issues ahead of time, you will be better off if a crisis hits. Preparing your renters ahead of time should be part of this, but there are other things to do as well. These include having a water damage restoration company to work with already in mind, knowing your water and flood damage insurance policies well, and having some equipment on hand to remove floodwater while you’re waiting for the restoration company to arrive.

Install Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are a great way to hedge against the threat of water damage. Like a smoke detector, water detection devices will sound an alarm to alert you of a flood. If a flood occurs while no one is home, these devices can potentially save you thousands in repair costs.

Be Able To Stop A Flood Quickly

To stop a flood in its tracks, there are a few things you and your tenants should know. First, make sure your tenants know where the water shut-off valve is so they can shut off the water if a pipe bursts. You should also be prepared to turn off the electricity and gas at a moment’s notice to ensure everyone’s safety after a flood. The more you do to invest in this ahead of time, the better off you will be if a flood hits.

At any moment, disaster could strike your rental properties. The advice above will help you be prepared for this possibility. Being prepared ahead of time will not just reduce your stress if a disaster occurs but will also help your displaced tenants adjust to the new situation. Finally, we at Restore Pro are here to help you make it through such a disaster and get your property back to new in no time.