Create a Fire Escape Plan For Your Family

fire damage restoration sandusky, fire damage cleanup sandusky, fire damage repair sanduskyAnytime you move into a new home in Sandusky, you and your family should work out your own fire escape plan. A fire escape plan should include general instructions about what to do during and after a fire. The plan should include what to do with family pets, protective measures for important documents and valuable possessions, escape routes, and where to meet after escaping the house. Your escape plan can and should also include preventative measures against house fires, and the necessary steps that need to be taken should a fire break out in your home, including who to call for professional fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration.

Having a thorough escape plan will not only help protect your family and your important personal items, but it can also help you recover from a fire faster. Make sure your entire family is included in the escape plan creation so that everyone is on board and that no step is overlooked. While you can’t prevent or avoid every risk, having a safety plan can limit the fear, anger, and devastation of a house fire

How To Make A Plan

Start by determining at least two possible routes to leave each room of your house during a fire. For many rooms, this means one exit route via a doorway and one route will involve a window. Identify any barriers that could keep you from an exit and remove them. 

  • Do seldom-used doors open easily?
  • Do the window AND the screen open freely?
  • Test release latches on security bars.
  • Can you escape without risking a fall?
  • Keep an escape ladder in all rooms with second-story windows. 
  • Know where all of your fire extinguishers are located; teach everyone how to use them.
  • Think of key locations for flashlights (change the batteries every daylight savings switch.)

Test the plan every six months. Designate a meeting area somewhere near your home. This way, when everyone is out of the home, you’ll be able to find them easily and know they’re safe.

Install And Test Smoke Alarms

A major component of any plan is the installation and testing of smoke alarms. Test your smoke alarms on a monthly basis. Resist the urge to disable that annoying unit with a mind of its own— replace it right now! The prices continue to lower and the features continue to improve. The lastest units can even sync to your smartphone. 

Smoke alarms should be replaced ten years after they’re manufactured. The manufacture date is printed on each unit, replace them when the time is up.

Go Over The Rules

  • During a fire, stay low to the ground and try to leave your home immediately. Put your hand on all doors before opening them. If a door is warm, there may be fire on the other side. Find another exit.
  • Even if the door and doorknob feel cool, open the door slowly. Place a towel or item of clothing in the crack under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room. As you move from one room of the home to another, close doors behind you to slow the spread of the fire.  
  • Teach your child this rhyme: “Don’t Hide, Go Outside.” Discuss your fire escape route regularly with your child, so that he or she can recall the information during a fire.
  • Once outside, do not go back in. Contact the local fire department and wait for assistance from professionals.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration In Sandusky

It is our sincere wish that you never have to use your fire escape plan, but we do want you and your family to be as safe as possible should a house fire ever break out.  RestorePro is your neighbor— We Care. We Respond. We Restore. We specialize in the repair of property damaged from fire and smoke damage. Our services also include professional care to our customers’ personal belongings (packing and move out, restoration cleaning, repair and storage). RestorePro also has a professional cleaning division that provides carpet, upholstery and ductwork cleaning.