The Three Categories Of Water Damage

water damage restoration sandusky, water damage cleanup sandusky, water damage sanduskyDid you know that there are multiple categories of water damage? Not all water damage is created equal. Sometimes fixing a water issue can be as simple as drying the home out. However, it is often a much more complicated process. For instance, the cleanup process could include drying, cleaning, sanitizing, replacing damaged walls, replacing the carpet, and restoring damaged furniture and possessions. Because water can come from much different sources, many water disasters are more serious than others. Water is separated into three different categories based on the cleanliness of the water. Our restoration professionals at Restore Pro in Sandusky are experienced in dealing with every category of water.


Category 1

Category 1 damage comes from clean water, which comes from sources such as a water fountain, sink, toilet tank, and bathtub. Basically, it is water that is safe for you to come into contact with. If you come upon a leak or flood consisting of only clean water, then you should not hesitate to jump right in, grab some towels, and begin slowing down and stopping the flow of water. You will likely still need professional help to deal with the damage and drying out the affected areas, but you do not need to worry about getting sick from the water itself.

Category 2

Another word for category 2 is “gray water”. It is given this title because it contains some level of chemical or biological contaminants that have the potential to make you sick. Sources may include water from a washing machine, dishwasher, or a toilet bowl overflowing with urine but not feces. A problem that many people make with this type of water is they assume it isn’t too dangerous since it doesn’t appear disgusting. Despite that, you should still avoid it having any chance of ingesting it or having it come into contact with your skin.

Category 3

This is the type of damage to really be concerned with. Another name used for category 3 damage is “blackwater”. It has high levels of extremely hazardous chemicals and/or biological contaminants that pose significant threats to your health. You should avoid ingesting or coming into contact with blackwater at all costs. Most people only associate blackwater with sewage, but it can also come from floodwater, rivers and streams. This is because rivers and streams often contain dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that are extremely toxic. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to assume that water is category 3 when it comes from an unknown source. It is always better to play it safe in this regard since only experienced professionals should deal with contaminated water.

Whether water damage to your home is severe or minor, we hope you give us a call at Restore Pro in Sandusky so we can help you get back on your feet and make your home a safe place to be once again. For category 2 and 3 damage especially, don’t hesitate to give us a call so our technicians can begin cleanup and restoration efforts right away.