Why Water Damage Should Never Be Ignored

water damage cleanup sanduskyIf a small amount of water damage occurs in a home, it may not seem like that big of an issue. One might think that it could be put off for another time. However, that line of thinking can end up being disastrous. Ignoring any level of water damage can actually lead to massive structural damage in the long run. 

When any residence experiences water damage, it must be taken care of immediately because of how quickly damage will begin to set in. Though the reasons for floods and the amount of water that comes from them varies, they will always cause large amounts of damage when they are ignored. It’s important to treat all as a threat that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Water Damage Cleanup – Sandusky

Water damage is harmful to both our health and the properties that are affected. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, it is imperative to understand that water damage really is as bad as it is made out to be. It’s not a matter that can be taken lightly. So many different problems can happen when it’s ignored. 

Devalued Property

Unfortunately, water damage can ultimately affect the overall value of the property. The signs that come along with water damage are difficult to hide, especially from an appraiser. When water is left untreated, structural damage is sure to happen. Depending on how much water was actually present, there is no limit as to what can be damaged and will need to be replaced or restored. Drywall can crumble and deteriorate, the subfloor can warp and split, and foundations and concrete can crack. Water present in the foundation will weaken the entire structure unless taken care of promptly and properly. To bring the value back up, everything will have to be replaced or restored if it is even possible. 


Mold is one of the most dangerous effects of water damage. It begins to grow everywhere, hidden in places that may not be able to be found without professional help within 24 hours. No matter if the amount of water is large or small, mold will invade. Mold will compromise anything near the water, including but not limited to personal belongings, furniture, and even the structural integrity of a house. If the mold is not immediately taken care of, rampant mold growth could take over a house and, in extreme cases, cause the structure to be condemned.

Moreover, mold can also damage a person’s health. It causes health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, eye and/or skin irritation, irritated throats/nose, and lung problems. Moreover, repeated and elongated mold exposure can increase one’s sensitivity, causing more severe allergic reactions. Exposure to certain molds that produce toxins called mycotoxins can cause more serious illnesses as well. 


Unfortunately, not only will mold infest your home, but all sorts of creatures will also move in. Softer wood becomes a home for all sorts of bugs like carpenter ants and termites, providing them with food, shelter, and a place to lay their eggs. Rats are also attracted to damp areas and will take over. Wet areas are seen as an oasis to these pests, as it is a source of water and food that is not too far away in the kitchen. If any of this water damage has been going on for a while without notice, it can be a long, difficult process to remove these pests. 

Electrical Damage

Since water and electricity don’t mix, it’s important to turn off electrical lines around the affected area to minimize damage. Wiring that is damaged and not turned off during a flood will be useless, as it will need to be replaced before it can be utilized again. Electrical water damage usually occurs to kitchen appliances, washing machines, dryers, hot water tanks, furnaces, and low-mounted electrical outlets. Even a few inches of water in the basement or crawlspace could be enough to damage these appliances beyond repair.

Water damage is not a situation to be taken lightly. It needs to be taken care of as soon as it is noticed to avoid the problem getting worse. However, trying to tackle it on your own can be a long and taxing process. Water damage cleanup specialists at Restore Pro can be sure to solve the problem for you quickly and appropriately. You do not need to risk your health to clean up after water damage, let the professionals help you.